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"lessons at a price you can afford to play"


My Story

My name is Joe DeMilio. I have been playing, performing and teaching music

for over 40 years.  I have a love for music.  Now I love giving it back to my students.  

Sharing my Passion

I have a pasion for guitar.  I also play piano, drums, bass and some vocals.  I love teaching all of this.  Playing a musical instrument is really not that hard.  All you need is the "I want to do it" and it will happen.  Time, practice and a good teacher takes care of the rest.

Why Study Music?

It has been said that children who study music will develop better motor skills and creativity. Music will enhance your memory as well as hard work, practice and discipline. I believe this to be true for all ages. 


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Featured Music Class #1

Guitar: I do not teach slow. These are private lessons and I teach to the learning speed of each student. I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced students. You will also learn music theory in this class. 

Also acoustic guitar and bass guitar. 

Rock,jazz,funk,fusion,classical,pop and folk.

Guitar lessons: $30 per half hour. $50 per hour.

Featured Music Class #2

Piano: What a wonderful instrument to learn. Here I teach finger skills. How to read music and music theory. I teach on a Yamaha full size 88 keyboard.

Piano lessons: $30 per half hour. $50 per hour. 

Featured Music Class #3

Drums: You want to talk about motor skills. How about using both hands and both feet. I love when my drum students learn to play and then ask to sing. 

Drum lessons: $30 per half hour. $50 per hour.

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Feel free to reach out with any questions, inquiries, or to get started with your first lesson. 

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